RÊVE – The Collections

We are delighted to announce the launch of the first collection within RÊVE (Romantic Europe: The Virtual Exhibition).  A new collection will be released bi-weekly from March 2020 onwards.

The collections are designed to bring together individual exhibits from locations across Europe to facilitate productive juxtapositions and conversations. They are meant to make it easier to use the virtual exhibition. They are also meant to serve as a model for how users might themselves construct their own collections from within the virtual exhibition more generally.

Each collection consists of a virtual vitrine which contains between 6 and 12 exhibits. Each vitrine comes with a short introduction offering an overview of the collection and its choice of exhibits. In addition to the core featured exhibits, you will also find pointers to other, related exhibits held within RÊVE as a whole.

The first collection is entitled Romantic Authorship. To access it, click here.

The second collection is entitled The Romantic Tourist. To access it, click here.

The third collection is entitled Romantic Landscapes. To access it, click here.

The fourth collection is entitled Consuming Romanticism. To access it, click here.