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Adam Mickiewicz’s Tie Pin

‘Les Adieux de l’Hermite de Dronning-Gaard’

Basilica of Santa Croce, Florence

The Bersagliere student’s goodbye

Bettina von Arnim’s Handbag

Byron’s Hair

The Cadiz Bomb

Chateaubriand’s Cedar

A Christmas Entertainment in London, Jan 11th, 1826

A Cloud

The Commonplace Book of Marie Louise of Austria, Duchess of Parma

A Copy of Wordsworth’s Guide to the Lakes, 1822

Cowper’s Letter Cabinet

Cowper’s Windowpane

Edgeworthstown House

The Engagement Ring Given by John Keats to Fanny Brawne

Erasmus Darwin’s Artificial Bird

The Eudiometer at Tintern

The European Jane Austen

Every House of the Ant-Hill on the Plain: Richard Horwood’s London

Falun Copper Mine

A Farm called ‘Maloi Jaroslawitz’, or, A Dutch Melancholy Hussar

The Fiddle that Taught Robert Burns his Manners

Fingal’s Cave

Fragment of a Cancelled Copper Plate from William Blake’s America

A Fragment of a Letter in Jane Austen’s Hand

Garibaldi’s Cabin

George Eliot’s Piano

The Golden Horns

Goya Frescoes

Goya’s Dog

A Ha’pennyworth of Sedition, 1796

The Hellespont

Herries & Co Circular Note

Illustration from Portuguese periodical O Panorama showing the railroad between London and Greenwich, 1840

János Erdélyi’s Travelling Box

John Thelwall’s Summer Study

The Junot-Wellington Watch

Kościuszko’s Mound

A Lace Boudoir Cap and Lace Undersleeves

Laennec’s Stethoscope

Leigh Hunt’s Parlour at Surrey Gaol

The letter that instigated the nation-wide competition that inspired Adam Oehlenschläger to write the unofficial Danish national anthem

A Lock of Goethe’s Hair

A Lock of Goethe’s Hair (poem)

Lord Byron’s Autograph at the Castle of Chillon

Manuscript of 40 verses of Mickiewicz’s “Pan Tadeusz”

Memorial to Giustiniana Wynne in Angelo Quirini’s Garden

The ‘Messiah’ Violin

Mount Etna

Mount Vesuvius

A Mourning Dress brought back from Tahiti by Captain James Cook

Mrs Unwin’s Spectacles

Narcissa’s Tomb

The Notebook Shared by the Shelleys, 1814-1818

An Opening in a Holland House Dinner Book

Ossian’s Hall

Percy Bysshe Shelley’s copy of Homer’s Odyssey

The petition for Richard Lovell Edgeworth to be permitted to stay in Paris, 1803

Petrarch’s Inkstand

Plate from the ‘Frog Service’

A poster advertising the opening of William Cowper’s house in Olney as a museum, 1900

A Real Picture from the Fictional Corinne’s Gallery

Robert Burns’s ‘Kilmarnock’ Edition (1786)

Romantic Ruins in a Luxembourg Landscape: William II and B.C. Koekkoek’s View of the Castle of Larochette (1848)

Rousseau’s Trapdoor

Ruth in Boaz’s fields (1856)

Sándor Petőfi’s Wallet

Shakespeare’s Chair and the Polish Princess

The Shelley Memorial

Sir Edwin Landseer’s Monarch of the Glen, c. 1851

Sir Walter Scott’s Elbow Chair: The Seat of Power

The Table of Inkwells

Le Temple de la Nature

Teresa Guiccioli’s Travelling Chest

Thomas Moore’s Harp

Tippoo’s Tiger

The Toussaint Timepiece: Trophy of War? 

Transcript of Poems, by John Keats

Two Pages from Dorothy Wordsworth’s Grasmere Journal

Victor Hugo’s House in Pasaia

William Cowper’s garden netting: weaving nets for bird-alluring fruit

William Cowper’s Pocket Watch

William Cowper’s Shaving Mirror

William Cowper’s Summer House

William Hayley’s Tribute Tea-Caddy

Wordsworth’s Wishing-Gate