Three ways of teaching with RÊVE

Welcome! Teaching with RÊVE can be done at any level — with high school students, undergraduates and postgraduates, and it works both face-to-face and online, with physical and with digital resources.

We have piloted three ways of engaging with the collections at school and university level with considerable success. We lay them out below in the hopes that they will be of use to you in designing learning experiences for your students.

The individual projects suggested here lend themselves to short-form presentation, which is ideally suited to online communication and interaction as well as within the physical classroom. As you will see, it is also possible to enchain these individual projects together, so that a student may research an exhibit, produce a creative response to it, and then relate it either to an existing collection within RÊVE, or devise and build a whole new collection in collaboration with class-mates. Such an exercise may also usefully serve as the start-point for a larger piece of assessed research.

The suggestions provided to spark the imagination of students deliberately range from the well-tried to the more arcane, so as to appeal both to the less and the more advanced student.

Finally, if you feel that you and your students have come up with something special enough to include in the exhibition proper, we would be delighted to consider either individual exhibits or whole collections for adoption. Please write proposing an exhibit or collection to and mark your message ‘RÊVE’.

A miniature research project

Creative response

Curating a collection